An international eatery, which is ideal for all-day dining, Jaipur Modern presents a global menu with tastes & flavors from around the world. Jaipur Modern is associated with organic farming initiatives & sustainable agriculture; which supports local farming communities in Rajasthan. The goal is to be as close to the producer to ensure quality & freshness of the produce; & to create international flavors with locally sourced ingredients.

All our vegetables are sourced from a contracted network of farmers around Rajasthan & our own farm to ensure freshness and quality. All breads & deserts are made in-house, everyday. Our new Quinoa Menu in association with Organic Farmer’s Co. is the first of its kind in India, which aims to show people the versatility of quinoa and the importance of healthy eating today. The café’s presence completes the space, recognizing Made in India as a global construct.

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