Located in an 1940’s bungalow, the structure of Jaipur Modern serves as a perfect metaphor for India’s newest retail and café space. Within this home the individual matters; as does the conversation revolving around the perception of craft, its place in today’s global marketplace and the expertise of the karigar (artisan).The carefully considered space is designed to encourage  a perception shift within the Indian & International market;  from the local marble inlay flooring, hand embroidered walls,  and in-house textile range to a selection of  India’s strongest contemporary design voices. Jaipur Modern is a place where the individual can experience the product from inception to production, and ultimately leave with an awareness of craft’s authenticity, integrity, and social consciousness.  Real and evolving, the space was designed to accommodate artist exhibitions, installations in the garden and workshops by local artisans.

 Located in a vintage bungalow in the heart of Jaipur, Architect Rooshad Shroff reframed the existing space to amplify its original characteristics; conscious of retaining the original layout and spirit of the home. He notes, “Every single design element has evolved from the building. It’s about respecting the old structure and not imposing superfluous design elements.”


Walking through Jaipur Modern is akin to entering a living space, with a mix of personal items, art, apparel and dining. The interiors retain an unusual mix of original stone & brick, allowing stark white spaces to offset the textiles.

Collaborating between the skills of Jaipur Modern’s in-house craftsmen, the café wall is entirely constructed from 400 wooden bricks, each one requiring three hours to intricately hand embroider and equally the same amount of time to hand drill each of the holes in the wooden bricks.

The exterior verandah and garden allowed for more distinct graphics; the Louise Bourgeois inspired verandah design was crafted by marble inlay Karigars from Agra. The large garden is covered in a gradiant mosaic of locally sourced “Kota” stone, interspersed with embedded lighting, marking lines of movement and allowing for intimate standing space or events.

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